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    The New Jack City Cut is soon to be on air ! Stay tuned in for more !

    The New Jack City Cut,

    a showcase known to be a little differnt then the others. And that’s the way our people like’s dat, it’s kinda like back in the day when you used to buy tapes to wait till saturdays to record your favorite show and could not wait till mondays bring the heat to class … or catching a vinyl release date …

    Well, this is some of the other and more true vibes of the underground legends …. easy, relaxed,with chie and chakra we want to share some vibes and grooves from down below. Either preparing set’s for gig’s or just in the studio… or displaying unreleased tracks the magic will follow threw out the CAST. This is where you will guarantied find some crazy new ishhhh…

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    23 August 2014 New Jack City Cut  Radio  Showcase Read more

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